22 May 2014

That lamentable ping noise

It's lovely out, so I went for a bike ride.
Was just stopping in Port Credit -- JC Saddington Park, specifically -- for lunch when the ping noise happened, so in that respect this was extremely fortunate.  Having it happen at speed would have been unfortunate.

Brittle failure
Yay for carrying lots of medium cable ties
Took the train mostly home; the front bag can be strapped to the rear rack, but the rear rack is not meant to have top cargo, it's narrow, and I didn't want to give the tension-in-place expediency avoidable opportunities to rattle loose.  Made it home in the absence of disaster or further destruction, so I'm going to call that a good decision.

I suspect the prior ride's outbreak of a single loose front rack stay, and consequent rattling, was no help at all (it did take me awhile to figure out that that noise was), but the fundamental problem remains the very long single support strut.  The rack takes four stays, I'm not using the rear ones (aside from one that's a hack of a light mount) and maybe I can do something sensible with P-nutsclamps, to the extent that one can ever do anything sensible with P-nutsclamps, instead of the centre mount point.

Learning to weld is getting much more tempting, I must say.

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