19 May 2013

Lessons learned

Getting a bike‒the same bike‒five weeks after almost-sorta-mostly breaking one's arm and going for a sixty kilometre ride because this is the nth really nice day one has being going "no bike ride, wouldn't be prudent, probably not all healed yet" and it's just enough isn't all that rash as it turns out.

The Hypothesis does a really good job of just rolling forward without requiring me to take any notice of its functioning.  This makes me happy.

My legs hurt, but used hurt, not the horrible crampy death-by-pain hurt; I seem to have finally got the cranks-and-seat-height issue sorted out.

When clipping the cable ties holding the brake housing to the downtube, do not leave the cut ends of the cable ties pointing up; they will slice up the inside of one's left knee in a bewildering and initially inexplicable way.

This is the second set of Praxis Works rings.  They haven't, as the first set entirely have, quite gone past 100km without bending, but I'm hopeful.  Yes, this is a very low bar.  Yes, the nice new crank arms probably have something to do with it.  Still, that's where experience has put the bar.

The route to Burlington is pokey‒lots of shared use park paths‒but continues scenic, and all the work any of the various municipalities have done since I was last that way are improvements.  (It's not like I'm precisely filled with zoom at the moment anyway, so I can hardly complain about the pokey nature of the route.)

GO trains on a holiday weekend remain a really good way to avoid having to ride back.

It looks like any questions of bike fit are down to issues with hands; both palms are a bit sore, but I'm going to suppose that's just lack of practice.  I can definitely put weight on my left arm again without really unpleasant sensations, so that much healing has happened. Left handing shifting is still to be avoided if I can.

There was a peregrine falcon over Sherwood Forest Park.  The killdeer went all alarm call, everything on the playing fields lifted into the air in a big swirl, and just hanging up there, wings like a full drawn bow, was the falcon.

The splendid Dill Pickle front bag rattles a bit; the rack tubing is just a bit too narrow.  Shall have to try applying some dead inner tube wrapping.  The Dill Pickle seat bag is just purely splendid.

The Hypothesis gets the same sort of reaction from people who know their bikes the Experiment does.  Fellow used the word "Clydesdale" a lot.

13 May 2013

Smug as a turtle in springtime

From the Hillman Marsh conservation area; no bird pictures worth mentioning, though there were a plethora of birds.

Turtles, though, turtles just sit there when you try to take pictures, they don't rise up whirling like restlessness made flesh.

06 May 2013

Behold the galloping sensor technology

Taken, handheld, with a pocket snapshot camera at x20 zoom across a restaurant table to get as much of the rainbow across the floor from the corner of the glass door as I could.

Those clever people at Fuji are indeed clever.

There ought to be some bike pictures by and by; second ride on the Hypothesis launched me off, courtesy of some streetcar tracks, so there has been no cycling this month while various sprains and cracks knit themselves back together.