07 November 2010


I have no idea what some component of the Governor General's Horse Guards, what looked like all of  a Legion branch, an Army cadet unit, and some guys in dazzle cammo uniforms with the officers carrying dress swords were doing out today; Thursday, Nov 11, yes, that would be unsurprising in the extreme, but there was a small parade, complete with brass band, wreath bearers, and horse cavalry, proceeding down Jarvis Street today.
I have to admit that my first response to the cavalry was to think "the Queen's not in town?", but then I noticed the wreath.
I still find horse cavalry in the present tense highly surreal.

Feral Mathematicians

Well, or it could be feral engineers; I can't tell.
From a more-or-less waist level lintel of a window on McCaul Street; saw it yesterday, and was able to arrange to be riding by with a camera today.