01 January 2025

Where to get my books

There are two options; Google Play, or the Draft2Digital publication targets. Google Play isn't available globally (though they intend to be, based on how the publisher interface sets up billing regions!). So you might need to try one of the Draft2Digital targets. Kobo seems to be a good fallback choice for availability though not for avoiding DRM.

Title Google Books2Read
The Human Dress on Google Play via Books2Read
The March North (Commonweal #1) on Google Play via Books2Read
A Succession of Bad Days (Commonweal #2) on Google Play via Books2Read
Safely You Deliver (Commonweal #3) on Google Play via Books2Read
Under One Banner (Commonweal #4) on Google Play via Books2Read

Commonweal Book #5, A Mist of Grit and Splinters, is expected to escape into the wild sometime in 2019.


CB said...

Hello Graydon,

Before you released your last book, which I liked and have positively reviewed.

You were talking about the next Commonweal Book being under way.
How is it going and when can we expect it to be published?

Graydon said...


The next Commonweal book is going, but not very fast. (My day job does keep me fed. It also uses up a lot of neurons at the moment.)

I'm hoping to have it out sometime in 2019, but can't presently be more specific than that.

Chris Hutchinson said...

Excellent news about book five. I have been hoping that more books would be coming in your commonweal series.