18 December 2015

Commonweal #4 current status 2015-12-18

word count screenshot for 2015-12-18
44859 - 27966 = 16893
2015-12-18 - 2015-11-22 = 26

So about 65% of the desired rate.  Still, not nothing and much of it is lamentably philosophical.

09 December 2015

Call for typos

I have excellent readers and they send me typos and formatting infelicities so I can fix them.  (And if I've received them I have fixed them.  Thank you, one and all.)

The current idea is to publish updated epubs of  The March North or A Succession of Bad Days around about the Gregorian new year.

So if you have any typeaux or formatting niggles that you'd like to be fixed and you don't know that I have them, please do feel free to stick them into the comments should you be so inclined.