18 December 2015

Commonweal #4 current status 2015-12-18

word count screenshot for 2015-12-18
44859 - 27966 = 16893
2015-12-18 - 2015-11-22 = 26

So about 65% of the desired rate.  Still, not nothing and much of it is lamentably philosophical.


Richard Campbell said...

1) Looking good on the word count front for #4!

2) How's the copyedit coming on #3 - I'm anxious for you to commit book again?

3) If you haven't already purchased your French Republican Wall Calendar, here's the link - https://www.etsy.com/sg-en/shop/JacobinCalendar

Graydon said...

1) Word count for #4 should (by my local value of should) actually say "COMPLETE" right now, because #3 is getting set to escape into the world. But oh well. I think I've caught what there would be to catch.

2) The copyeditor is having their annual case of Messiah Season, but things are going well. Do note that even in a very good world, #3, "Safely You Deliver", escapes into the world in April 2016. So not quite right yet.

3) thanks!