28 November 2009


I suspect the really compositionally correct place to take this would have been standing in the middle of the tracks, which was not an option.
The reflecting sections—well, the sections with lights shining on them directly—are what originally caught my eye, and it seemed darker at the time, so they were more prominent elements of the image as I saw it at the time.

Still, I think perhaps this works in some way.

This is the next exposure, processed much darker and rather closer to what I remember the scene looking like.  It certainly brings out the light on the rails better.

24 November 2009

Indoor Plants

My landlady's phalaenopsis having condescended to bloom, I thought I ought to get a picture or two.
On-camera flash, which can at least handle a range under a meter.
Roughly centred on a bare 100W lightbulb for backlight.

23 November 2009

By the wall

The base of the wall around Osgoode Hall. Sometimes I'm glad I look down.

22 November 2009


I think this would have worked better with a polarizing filter; have to put that in the light camera bag. (Enough of that and the utility of the lightness is rather lost, but one does as one can.) Certainly I had not recognized just how shiny all that tile was going to be.

01 November 2009

Past the fluffy stage

Probably flown south by now; the trumpeters don't seem to overwinter on the lake much. (Picture is two weeks old.) But a favourite autumnal image, all the same; what was a ball of fluff in the spring is fit to fly for thousands of miles, now.