31 May 2014

It was nice while it lasted

The Hypothesis looks very blue in the Oakville GO Station
I gave up going west at Oakville, having realized I was going to have to ride on roads at rush hour, something devoutly to be avoided.

This is the last point in time I'm sure the 50t chainring wasn't bent.  It's not very bent now, after another ~60km, but it's got visible wobble.  Have to see how long it stays usable, and if Surly stainless rings work better.

UPDATE - I'm a turnip.  SO FAR, stress so far, the 50t chainring is fine.  The rear derailleur (I blame fixing the flat), on the other hand, was a bit out of wack and wiggling the chain line.  That I can manage to fix when I grow enough neurons to notice.

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