16 February 2009

Lurking Robin

So, substantial enclosure full of leaves, sunlight, bare dirt, and apparently a bird.
It turned out to be two birds:
In back of the sign, and some leaves, on a funny angle reachable mostly by standing on tiptoe and angling the lens at them so it almost gets the centre focus through the effectively more narrow gap left in the already fairly fine-gauge mesh by the need to point through it at a tight compound angle.
One could almost feel bad about pointing a lens at them like that, given that they were pretty clearly huddled in a spot that was supposed to make them very hard to see from outside the enclosure. (Their choice of spot is going to work with great reliability on anybody not at least 180cm tall, too.)
On the plus side, the picture comes out looking more "wild habitat" this way. On the negative side, it could be a much better picture.

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