03 February 2009

Hastening northward

Pentax has a reputation for sub-standard autofocus.
I don't think this reputation is deserved—it is admittedly not as good as the high-end Nikon version, but it's not the same price, either—but I generally find the K20D autofocus works well.
To be strictly fair, a small object in the empty sky is about the easiest case there is. I could even have propitiated the focus gods by fighting with manual focus mirror lenses for a couple of hours previously.

I think the photos following are good examples of successful autofocus all the same.

This blue jay was indeed hastening northward as I was waiting at the bus stop to start going west and homeward along Sheppard. (No direct zoo service on weekdays.)

No more dots than that, alas. But I can tell what it was in the photos, and I couldn't with bare eyes; I was (embarrassingly) wondering if it was some sort of escaped magpie, because I was getting the white flashes off the wings but no blue.

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