09 February 2009

Clouded Leopard, Vexed Lighting

Normally these guys are zonked out in elevated and barely visible locations.
Which is fine; cats, sleep 16 hours a day, etc. It is their natural feline right to be zonked in an awkward location.

So I was completely delighted to get a chance to take a picture of a whole clouded leopard, as opposed to a cute little nose, rather blurry because of some sort of glare reducing film on the glass of the enclosure. The weird film was even off half the glass, I presume since the zoo is in the middle of winter maintenance.

After much image file wrangling, I wound up with:
Which is a crop from:

Blazing bright backlighting, weird coloured film on the other half of the glass providing reflections, and hanging vegetation right in front of the cute nose aforesaid.

I clearly need to get better with qtpfsgui (the High Dynamic Range software). What I want is a team of window-blocking ninja, but that's probably way, way out of my budget. (In case of such budget ever arriving, clouded leopards are very far up my list of "build enormous enclosure; keep several" creatures. Biggest proportional canine size in the felids and all.)

There are some other pictures and I'll be seeing what I can do with them if I don't get distracted by the shiny.

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