02 February 2009


Saw Whet Owlsmc PENTAX-DA 55-300mm F4-5.8 ED, 107.5mm, 1/30th s, ISO 200, F4.0
This is image 4,000 the second time around the rolls–at–10,000 image counter. Because the counter was at 200+ when I got it (a normal side effect of testing), this isn't really picture 14,000, but it will do for the purpose.
The subject is the Metro Zoo's Saw-whet owl, who normally ensconces itself right up by the enclosure roof, rendering photography through the wire very challenging. But it's winter, the roof has icicles, and presumably the nigh-total lack of people make sitting in the cedar tree for a nap a good option in whatever calculus of contentment small owls use. (I will be at serious risk of dying of joy if I ever manage a picture like this of a wild owl, at least one by means that don't involve glue or drugs.)

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