19 February 2018

The Human Dress available on 2018-03-23

Not a Commonweal book!  (The Commonweal book, Under One Banner, is with the copy-editor.)

Currently available for pre-order on Google Play.

Book cover for The Human Dress by Graydon Saunders
It will be up via Draft2Digital's various channels, but I would like to give people on the quality reviewer list some chance to send me typos, first.

This isn't a Commonweal story.  This is something Past Me wrote, and referred to as The Doorstop.

It's been said that everyone of a certain age who winds up writing fantasy in English has a response to The Lord of the Rings in them.

This book is mine.

It's about grief, duty, and royalty as responses to violation of the natural order.  Also adversity, social change, terrible sartorial choices, and an obscure literary revenge on Thomas Hardy.

The acts of vengeance taking place in the text aren't obscure at all.  Some people make Adversity very, very sorry it ever said anything.  Gruesome and terrible things happen.

There were giants in the earth in those days.


CB said...

I have pre-ordered this.
After the Commonweal, I am interested to see what you do with a fantasy big book.
Best Regards

Graydon said...

+CB Just keep in mind that the Commonweal is what I did after I wrote this. (It was supposed to be dusted off to be the 2017 stopgap book.) So this is maybe a little twistier, narratively.

Display Name said...

Will it be available on Kobo?

Display Name said...
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Graydon said...

+Troy Parker It will; Kobo is one of the Draft2Digital destinations.

It's at https://www.kobo.com/ca/en/ebook/the-human-dress

Display Name said...

Would you be able to send a review copy to jdnicoll@panix.com, please?

Graydon said...

+Troy Parker If James asks for one, sure.

Though this is a case in which James would be justified in charging extra.

Display Name said...

i have commissioned a review with mr. nicoll, if you can send him a review copy.

Graydon said...

+Troy Parker While I'm glad you've commissioned a review, for what I hope are obvious process reasons, the person who says they're *doing* the review is the reviewer. So I would need to get email from James. (This sort of thing, like James' (however public) email address, doesn't really belong in blog comments.)

(This specific willingness to send a review copy should not be understood as a policy of sending review copies to every reviewer who asks.)

Unknown said...

read it and liked it a lot!!! Could have used maps.Left a comment on File 770 2018 recommendations.