13 October 2017

My American cousins...

Somewhere in the machinery of your government, there's someone who was carefully chosen for being not especially empathetic, never having made any mistakes at anything their whole life, and for not considering themselves especially important.  (You can't reliably put duty and country ahead of your own personal feelings if you've especially much got personal feelings.)

They're also not that old and still in the time of life when you can be extremely fit.  It won't help with the empathy and it certainly won't help with having developed the kind of robust personal wisdom that'll help in a terrible crisis.

The best thing you can do for that person is to get Congress to take away their job, because right now their job is to follow the President around, carrying and guarding a set of nuclear launch codes.  There's a real risk the current President is going to order an unprovoked nuclear attack -- the aggressive war y'all hanged people for at Nuremberg but worse -- and at that point, that person's true duty, the thing required of them if they're to go on not having made any mistakes at anything their whole life, is to out-draw the Secret Service and shoot the President dead.

That's an unreasonable amount of heroism to ask, and y'all are the Sovereign People.  Get ahold of whatever representatives and senators you can, and tell them to  Pull The Football.


orc said...

The sad thing is that even though the Democrats are perfectly willing to attempt to limit the short-fingered vulgarian's ability to prevent global warming with a global thermonuclear war, the Republicans are perfectly happy to let him do it because (a) "it's just brown people who will die" and (b) having an insane sociopath driving gives them the cover to do all of their own equally vile (but not as immediately catastrophic to the world) political games.

It was a coup, and the junta is insane all the way to the bottom. The only thing that saves the world is short attention span fever.

Graydon said...

+orc I entirely hope it shall prove so.

I get the impression that the ability of the brass to stall is coming to an end; pilot recall orders, rumours of really big uniform contracts, various comments about how fast the military responds.