08 February 2016

Since there may have been some confusion...

This is the best place to follow for notice of future releases of my books, Commonweal or otherwise.

I'm presently writing #4, provisionally "Under One Banner", and intermittently posting about the progress of writing it.  It's late, because it should have been done before #3, "Safely You Deliver", went to the copy-editor.

"Safely You Deliver" is expected to escape into the wild in April sometime.  (Yes, that would be April of 2016.)  This would maintain the vaguely-annual schedule I've been aiming for.

May no ill thing arise.


SaintPeter said...

Well, then I guess I shall just have to "Watch this space".

It would be nice if you were on Amazon, where you can have an author page and I can simply follow you as an author to be notified of new releases.

I presume since you are otherwise everywhere ELSE, you have some specific reason for not being on Amazon?

(I suppose I should say that I had a blast reading your first two novels (especially the second) and I am eagerly awaiting future releases. Keep up the good work!)

CB said...

Thanks for the info, Graydon.
I periodically visit this blog for updates and was pleased to discover when 'Commonweal 3' is due for release.
I will also be buying a copy when it is available.

Anonymous said...

Maybe post the first four chapters, one chapter a week, online, as the date approaches? Jim Butcher and some other authors do that, and it's pretty cool.