06 July 2014


Preparations to string new cables on Dupont St.
Those are big reels of what I want to call nylon cable, only I don't think it's technically cable despite not being rope and it might not be nylon, could be Aramid or similar these days.  The drilling for new post holes is done, and the view the other direction -- hopelessly up-sun for the camera -- has pulleys slung on the new poles, ready to start pulling the actual cables along.

I presume that happens Monday.  I also presume that Monday is a good day to avoid the area, traffic-wise.

There have been a few more bike rides, several successful episodes of wheel truing subsequent to the bike rides, and a general attempt to say away from the parts of town where the World Cup is a thing.  Also some writing; Commonweal #3 is harder to write than #1 or #2 were, but it seems to be moving a bit at long last.

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