19 August 2009

A slight failure of timing

Train tracks and the (briefly!) parallel bicycle path in the Don Valley, taken from a moving subway car crossing the Prince Edward Viaduct over the Don Valley. The intruding bit of out-of-focus shadow to the upper left is part of the bridge structure, so I'm going to have to try this again to see if I can better the timing.

Overall, though, I'm mostly pleased; this is something I have seen a lot, and was not at all sure I could photograph in a recognizable way between motion issues, focus issues, and subway car window grime.


ric davis said...

Speaking as a camera user rather than a photographer, in this situation I tend to try and get focus right in advance, turn RAW capture off and continuous shooting on, and hope the resulting 4.5 frames/second captures the moment.

Did you have to do enough post processing that it was useful having a RAW image?

Graydon said...

Raw was useful; the bicycle path was blown out with a standard linear brightness and needed some curve tweaking. It's a very plain shot but there's a very large brightness shift across the darkest and the brightest.

Pre-focusing, hurm. Might involve two trips over the bridge. :)

I shall certainly consider how to try that next time; might give the 21 fps wee JPEGs a shot, too.