06 August 2009

Pinkish Flowers

It's a radical break from the purple flowers, but, well, biologically I'm fairly sure they're all just shades of red anyway.
Looking a bit tattered:
100% crop centre detail of the shot below;
And the entire, rather less tattered, flower:
To be truly serious about this sort of thing I'd need to use the tripod a lot more, but shake reduction lets me get something vaguely respectable just walking around.


utsi said...

a monopod also makes an adequate walking stick. if you wanted to play with one, i have a manfrotto that you could borrow.

Graydon said...

Thank you!

Thing is, I am almost always actually *carrying* the tripod at the zoo, I just don't seem to have any interrupt in my brain between "pretty flower!" and taking the picture. I'm going to try to fix that sometime -- very careful, camera on tripod, cable release, very narrow aperture, macro shots as practice -- but for now, it doesn't seem to be jelling with my brain.

Anonymous said...

musk mallow. pretty.