18 August 2009

Orange Flower

I've been seeing a surprising amount of this particular flower this year. Could be that it's been a good year for water-loving plants; could be that photography is encouraging me to pay attention. Could be some of each, too.
I especially like the orange colour layering in these; it looks a lot like it's been built up out of layers of enamel.


Anonymous said...

Ah - Balsaminaceae, I think? Touch-me-not or Jewel Weed. That would be the spotted one. Used to prevent & treat poison ivy. A very pretty flower, I think. Yes, it loves moist places.

Graydon said...

Thank you!

"Jewel Weed" is a very appropriate name for how it looks, too.

utsi said...

touch me not is a reference to the seed pods, jewel weed from the flower :) it's long been a fav of mine. & yes, it's more fond of a wet environment. there are some places where it's a wash of flowers on the bed of greenery.
thank you, i've missed seeing this

Graydon said...

You're welcome!

I don't recall seeing so much of it in past years as I've been seeing this year, but I suppose there's a reason for that.

Anonymous said...

wetter this year, and it tends to go through cycles i seem to recall. also more common to watery edges and locations. a 'myth' was that to find it you had to be around poison ivy :) they were considered aprtnered plants. where the ill is, the cure is type of thing. but i have to say i have never tried it to cure poison ivy... just not eager to go there