04 August 2009

Not a Telus Ad

Normally, the meerkat enclosure inside the Africa pavilion is rather dusty; it's got a lot of sand in it, and meerkats dig compulsively. For some reason, at the end of July it wasn't dusty. Presumably someone had come by and watered it; I can't imagine pure humidity making the dirt look as damp as it did.
The other problem with taking pictures of meerkats is that they are so remarkably relucant to hold still, but I got lucky with this one, that seemed to be determined to go into guard pose and hold it for an appreciable number of seconds.


Anonymous said...

*heh*. great expression.


Graydon said...


I was very pleased to get something respectable; I have a great many exposures of these guys that are a haze of dust and motion blur. (It's a dim corner of a dim pavilion; makes getting the shutter speed up rather tricky.)