30 August 2009


Tommy Thompson is pretty much entirely fill of one kind or another, and there are various places where one sees rebar weathering out of concrete. This particular collection strikes me as rather large to have weathered out so completely, or to be quite so twisted to have needed much weathering, but then again I can't imagine that it wouldn't have gone to recycling instead if it had been clear of concrete when shipped off as fill, either. So I have no idea how this got into this particular state, other than that a lot of force was involved at least once.


Genevieve la flechiere said...

Just realised you were referring to Tommy Thompson park, not the artist himself.
Was trying to figure out how TT could be 'fill' in any manner that would describe his art or his person, and was failing...

Graydon said...

Well, I suppose then I've done my part to make your day a little bit more surreal!

It wouldn't occur to me to use the present tense for the Group of Seven Tommy Thompson, but I shall try to remember to have the park in the text in future.