12 August 2009

Distant Ungulates

The musk-ox enclosure is this vast paddock, a couple of hectares in extent, and which was originally intended to be viewed from the monorail. It was also intended to have more than the one lonely musk-ox in it, and as I recall, originally, that was the case. I don't know if the zoo wants to get out of musk-ox keeping, if there are issues with this particular musk-ox being anti-social, or just what. But there he is, up against the far fence, and attempting to pretend that if summer is happening, it isn't happening to him.
In the middle distance, we have the Zen Elk (since I don't think I can type "Zen Wapiti" with a straight face; it sounds like the start of a story in which the student is enlightened after being smote repeatedly about the head and shoulders with a rubber chicken)
And the less-Zen elk:
companionably ensconced on opposite sides of a tree that's got tube steel fencing around it so they can't get at it to eat it.

As usual with the Rokinon 800mm lens, these are the subset—even with a tripod, focus confirm, and a cable release, it's definitely a subset—that come out sharp, or at least sharpish. Gods Below how I wish I could get that lens with current-generation Pentax SMC coatings. (After which, the wish list goes "autofocus" and then "variable aperture".)


Anonymous said...

*cackles* at the "zen wapiti".


Graydon said...

Oh, good, it's not just me, then. :)