18 June 2009

Purple Spherical Flower

Absolutely no idea what it is, as usual, but I thought it was pretty.


Dw3t-Hthr said...

Is it of appropriate size and leafage to be red clover?

Graydon said...

Alas, no.

The flower ball was maybe 50mm across, and on a tubular stalk maybe 50cm high. It was in a bunch of field grass at the zoo, so there's not much telling just where it might have propagated from.

Anonymous said...

some sort of onion family. With a blossom that large, probably a cultivar. Have you seen chives bloom? Something like that, but bigger.

Graydon said...


Yes, I have seen chives bloom.

Thank you!

I shall have to post one of the large purple spherical flowers soonish.