19 June 2009

Large Purple Spherical Flower

The larger size of globular purple flower, about 10cm across:
Growing in a long, vaguely linear tract (of which this is but a tiny part) along one of the paths near the Metro Zoo's African Savannah exhibit.
I kinda like the light in this one.


Mishalak said...

It is an Allium. Which is to say it is a very fancy onion.

Graydon said...

I had no idea onions as a class produced such pretty flowers.


Mishalak said...

Wild ones do. The ones cultivated strictly for taste usually have somewhat unlovely blossoms. But most wild onions and the derivatives for ornamentation are quite lovely.

Keith said...

I also found these flowers in a local park, and took some pics of it as well (see: http://www.captmondo.com/weblog/archive/2009_06_22_index.php if interested).

Think your shot showing several of them in dappled light is a particularly nice shot.

Graydon said...

Thanks, Keith.

I got lucky on the scudding-cloud roulette for the lighting in that one.