17 June 2021

You'd think someone would have a grasp of Parliamentary procedure who wasn't evil

To Raj Saini, MP

Hello --

There's a lot of tactful suggestions being provided.  What I want to say is "Do you job."

Bill C-12 is not what it should be; it does not go far enough, it does not do enough, it does not treat the present emergency with the urgency and terror it deserves.  

(If you don't feel terror at the prospect of breaking agriculture, you need to stop and think about it.)

But bill C-12 is something, and it's a start, and it's an acknowledgement that we need to do something now, today, not tomorrow.

Get Bill C-12 passed.

If there isn't food to eat and water to drink and places to live, nothing else matters.  All of those things are at risk from climate change, inside the lifespans of today's middle-aged voters, never mind the young.

Get Bill C-12 passed, and then get to work on more; figuring out we're all going to eat once agriculture breaks, figuring out where we're going to live (the current housing stock is close to worthless without fossil carbon furnaces, all the drainage is wrong, etc.), and figuring out how the economy is going to work once -- hopefully by sooner than 2030 -- all fossil carbon extraction has stopped.

Do your job.

Pass Bill C-12.

Graydon Saunders

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