30 April 2015

A Succession of Bad Days, further progress update

So, not quite done yet  --
  1. send it out for critique by unfamiliar eyes -- DONE!
  2. get an ISBN -- DONE!
  3. get a cover -- DONE!
  4. copyedit -- Pass 2 and final; at greater than 50% for the copy-editor
  5. generate EPUB -- automated long since; even counting the manual zip step, requires < 30s
  6. make available -- unfulfilled dependencies.
Various (mostly micro-) organisms have been trying to kill the copy-editor.  It hasn't worked, but it has slowed things down substantially.  So no book in April, because there is no more April.

I continue to view this as preferable to "no more copy-editor".[1]

Book in May?  I continue hopeful.

[1]  There's presumably a kind of author who would feel that their robust prose was the real reason the copy-editor succumbed and mwah-ha-ha a bit.  I am not at all that kind of author.

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