07 August 2014

Book Reviews

The March North

People have been saying nice things!

Brad DeLong recommended it.  The Three-Toed Sloth is overtly pro-sequels.  Andrew wrote a detailed review that's also up on Goodreads.  Brad quoted the leaves want whose review is almost a review of my writing objectives.  (leaves does get to read the rough drafts, which might be considered an advantage.)

Please excuse me while I go make faint squeaky noises of authorial delight.


Keith Schengili-Roberts said...

Congratulations on the novel! (Hmm, must go read preview now...) Best of luck with this!

Graydon said...

Thanks, Keith!

It's been doing rather better than I expected so far. (A valuable consequence of low expectations. :)

Binro said...

Thoroughly enjoyed your book. Add my name to the love-to-read-a-sequel muster.

You might like to know I came to your book via the Brad DeLong post.

Graydon said...

Thanks, Binro!

Brad did me a very kind turn with that review.

The next two are written; it's a matter of getting covers and copy-edits done. I am hoping for spring 2015 for the next one.