11 April 2014

Truss Issues

There's a new pedestrian and cycle overpass for the GO transit rail corridor.  (The freights mostly go through rather north of the waterfront these days, what with the de-industrialization of the harbour and the extension of the land into the lake.)
Never seen this kind of bridge truss before.  Looks economical of material.

Three-quarters of the way across, looking straight back.
Does a really good job of making the point that the barrier to waterfront access isn't the Gardiner, particularly, but the rail corridor. (The Gardiner Expressway, an elevated roadway built in the 50s, for those not familiar with Toronto, is merely south of the rail corridor, falling down, and threatening to suck up the entire public works budget for the next decade to maintain an inadequate status quo.)

It's quite handy for purposes of getting across the train tracks, too.  I can think of places to put five or six more.

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