15 March 2014

I've committed book

The March North
Egalitarian heroic fantasy with presumptive female agency, battle-sheep, and bad, bad odds.

Update, 2015-05-31:
Since it makes sense for Book 1 to be as available as Book 2, and here we are in the future where that's relatively easy to do, also available on:

That's the Draft2Digital List. Yes, I will update the links as everything percolates through.  (I'm told iBooks can take weeks, and didn't want to wait.)  I won't be publishing on Amazon.  Amazon's thing-like-a-contract continues to be deeply alarming, while their payment mechanisms continue troubling.


Dw3t-Hthr said...

I have now read much of the beginning as it is available to do so and I continue to adore your writing.

Mark Z said...

Any sign of of Kobo getting its' act together?

Graydon said...

Dw3t-Hthr --

Thank you!
Want a review copy?

Mark --

Kobo has escalated me up to an actual technical person, who has been non-communicative since being sent the EPUB file on the 18th.

No expected time of resolution right now, and since the book is stuck in "trying to publish" I can't try again.

I don't know anything about what might be wrong, no error message, but I suspect that, despite validating, there's something unexpected about the file. (Most people probably don't generate their EPUB files by applying XSLT 3.0 to a UTF-8 text file.)

Current suspicions hinge on characters (U+2060 is a problem for many eReaders, for example, which is why I stopped using it to stick spaces to the em-dashes; maybe U+2026 is a problem for Kobo?), HTML5 taxonomy (lots of epub:type and type attributes are required; I don't think I've done anything odd with their values, but their internal validation process might disagree), or possibly being really strictly correct about namespace definitions when mixing HTML5, XHTML, and XML in some way different from how they're being really strictly correct. Not emitting XML1.1 files by mistake or anything.

So in short, no, and until they tell me what they think is wrong I can't fix it.

'As You Know' Bob said...

Bought it, read it, enjoyed it.

More, please.

Graydon said...

'As You Know' Bob --

Glad you enjoyed it!

There's more. When it emerges presently mostly a function of when I could pay the copy-editor.

Anonymous said...

I would definitely like the Kindle edition - it's much more convenient to read on the e-ink screen.

Graydon said...

Hi Shana --

Kindle version proceeding under separate cover.

(Kobo continues with technical difficulties. I may need to go look at the whatever the reverse of an aggregator is for ebooks.)