06 May 2013

Behold the galloping sensor technology

Taken, handheld, with a pocket snapshot camera at x20 zoom across a restaurant table to get as much of the rainbow across the floor from the corner of the glass door as I could.

Those clever people at Fuji are indeed clever.

There ought to be some bike pictures by and by; second ride on the Hypothesis launched me off, courtesy of some streetcar tracks, so there has been no cycling this month while various sprains and cracks knit themselves back together.


Janice in GA said...

Ouch. Quick healing to you.

I haven't fallen because of a rail or metal plate yet. But I always worry about it.

Graydon said...

Thank you!

Doing pretty well so far, I can put weight on my left palm. So as soon as I have a combination of time and it's not blowing hail, I shall have to give it another try.