10 April 2011


Every now and again I manage to sneak up on Aoife quietly enough that she's not completely unpacked from whatever cute pose she was sleeping in by the time I take the picture.
It would have been better with the chin on pile of paws, tail over nose, pose, but I'll take what I can get.


Anonymous said...

You're getting good at the photographing of dark furred pets. I've just come to the realization that my photographing skills (which aren't too bad, actually) are insufficient to the task of photographing Willow.

Got any suggestions?



Graydon said...

Direct sunlight and lots of it. (The cropped-out window behind Aoife showed as bright white.)

Also, fast lenses and stabilization; that was taken at f1.8, ISO200, and 1/13 of a second. That's _just_ possible with the stabilization.

So that photo is actually pushing the technology pretty hard.