05 March 2011

An experiment

So, what started last year as

(the frame builder's laudable habit of putting height marks on the wall) looks like this now:
I still have to find an opportunity to take a full picture outside, in good light, when the entire province of Ontario is not just emerging from two days of rainfall warning, but I have a new bike that fits.

It would be difficult to overestimate how pleased I am about that whole "fits" thing.


orc said...

Now that's a *shiny* rear hub. Better take the bike out in the rain a couple of times to take the edge off before you blind passersby.

Graydon said...

Yeah, well, it's still rather cold rain and I'm being a wimp about it for bicycling purposes.

Janice in GA said...

I'm in the "avoid cold rain" camp myself. Congrats on the good fit. A comfy bike makes everything better.

What kind of bike is it? (coming in late)

Graydon said...

It's a touring bike from True North Cycles.

It has couplers, but it's too big to fit in the standard case for coupler bikes, so my next problem is to figure out the minimum case size that will take the bike, racks and fenders and all. This is hurting my head, and I almost certainly need to get some plywood, a ton of padding foam, and make a mockup. But oddly I don't want to take it apart until I've ridden it.

jennie said...

Yay bike! I do not blame you in the least for not wanting to take it out in the cold rain, which rain has now turned to snow, or for not wanting to take it apart until you've ridden it a few times. I feel approximately the same.