27 January 2010

change of quarters

Somewhere in this town is a 800+ square foot apartment with bare floors, high(ish) ceilings, reasonably modern appliances, and washer-dryer hookups that permits cats and has reasonable options for bicycle storage.

The trick now is to find it....

Suggestions are welcome!

UPDATE - have found place.  Am feeling fortunate.  Moving for 1 March.  Moving Aoife slightly thereafter.  No balcony, but lots of windows, so hopefully she will not be too offended.


Genevieve la flechiere said...

Glad to hear it (finding a place som promptly). I know what a headache it's been in the past. Same general neighbourhood?

Graydon said...

Much more down-town, actually; three street car lines!

Longer to get to the current place of employ but then again I had yet another job prospect in Winnipeg show up today so who knows.