18 October 2009

They Gave Us Dirt!

Merely because they natively inhabit a rocky desolation doesn't mean a polar bear disdains a good roll in the dirt if they can get some dirt. The new polar bear enclosure at the Metro Toronto Zoo has lots of dirt, and here we can see the resulting contentment.

I overheard several comments about how the polar bears didn't look like proper polar bears and ought to be washed while I was taking various bear pictures. Since I wasn't taking polar bear pictures for very long, this must have been a popular sentiment. While it would create a new high-machismo profession of Polar Bear Bathing Specialist, I can't see the Zoo really wanting to pay for it. Easier to just install a bear jacuzzi and sneak in some soap and a risking shower on the way out, probably. Which gives the much lower machismo profession of Bear Enclosure Drain Cleaner but one can't have everything.


The romantic query letter and the happy-ever-after said...

What! And wake them from their naps? Why, its madness I tell ya. Lovely photos thanks for sharing.
All the very best,

Graydon said...

Certainly, waking a polar bear from its nap is not going to be one of the simpler aspects of the job.

Glad you liked the photo!