04 July 2009

Juvenal Plumage Nuthatch

I originally thought this was a white-breasted nuthatch in juvenal plumage. Having looked more carefully, I think it is a red-breasted nuthatch in juvenal plumage; the beginning of the eye-stripe is there, rather than white all round the eye.
I am not at all certain of this identification, and have been finding images of either kind of nuthatch in juvenal plumage difficult to find.
A fondness for peanuts does not distinguish between the types.
I believe this is a look of disdain, presumably for my insistence on interrupting dinner with photography.
Oil seeds are good, too. You just have to be willing to reach in after them.
I did remember to refill the feeder, much to the delight of the voracious flocks of house sparrows.

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