29 July 2009

Extremely blue

No idea what it is, and it was in a wretched awful tangle of vegetation, but I entirely love the colour.
I'm only moderately blue myself; the prospective employers in Winnipeg allowed as I certainly knew my stuff but would be a very poor cultural fit. Which is too bad—I think I could have worked well with the person I'd have been reporting to, and I really liked Winnipeg—but I can't say as they're wrong about the sub-optimal nature of the cultural fit.


Lois Fundis said...

Looks like chicory. Long stalk, several flowers, no real stem between the stalk and the flowers are *very* blue... right?

Sorry to hear about the Winnipeg job, though. Hope something turns up for you soon.

Graydon said...

I can accept chicory. :)

Definitely several flowers and long stalks; I think of chicory blue as being less deeply blue than this flower, but, well, soil, variety, etc. :)

Thanks for the good wishes; I have some other, if presently more distant, prospects, so am avoiding panic.

Anonymous said...

that's a totally unusual blue for chicory, so unusual that i am doubting the ID. i've seen a lot of chicory in a lot of different soils, i've seen pink and even white flowers, but none even came close to being so dark blue. also, the petals don't look _quite_ right; they're so narrow at the end.

maybe it's an escaped cultivated cichorium?

(sorry about winnipeg.)

-- piranha

Graydon said...

I shall have to see if I can remember where it was and go back and try to get photos of the whole plant. The flowers are quite tiny; not more than 15mm across and more like 10mm.

Appreciate the condolences. There are a bunch of other possibilities floating out there in the ether, so I am avoiding despair.