13 May 2009

The world-tree will sprout anew...

Periwinkle, I think.
Centre crop of the picture above.
More postulated periwinkle.
I have no idea, but it's purple.
And seems to wish it had teeth.


Lois Aleta said...

The top flower is periwinkle.

The second one is violet.

I have them both in my yard.

Graydon said...

Thank you!

Looking out the window this morning makes me very glad I took those pictures when I did.

Dw3t-Hthr said...

I see I have been beaten to the identification. We planted periwinkles last year to start becoming ground cover. About half of them are working at it, and the other half are still stunned from the winter but putting out a few straggling leaves.

And I love violets.

Graydon said...

Periwinkles function as ground cover through the eastern edge of the yard here; the violets are more the north-east edge (it's not a square yard :) and fewer.

I'm quite fond of violets myself.

The (unmaintained) rose has got a cane up to the lower branches of the neighbour's maple tree, so things might be interesting this summer.