02 May 2009

Where yellow grows the something-or-other

Slightly dimmer than reality so the detail in the flowers shows.
100% crop from the vague middle of the picture above.

Anyone care to opine about what it is?


Shana said...

Isn't that forsythia?

Graydon said...

Forsythia is certainly the currently leading suggestion, 2 votes to nought.

Given that it looks a lot like what comes back from an image search for forsythia, I may now know what it is.


utsi said...

it's forsythia :)
memories of a big bush of it at rexdale.

name that plant is something i can do. birds - not so much

Graydon said...

Thanks, Utsi.

Birds, birds I am learning something about!

But it looks like I ought to post more flower pictures...