22 May 2009

Some sort of lily, maybe

In a neighbour's back yard; I may have waited until too late in the day to grab the camera and lean over their back fence, but I think this came out OK.

As is usual with flower pictures, I have no idea what it is and would welcome suggestions.


brooksmoses said...

It's some ilk of purple iris; I'm not sure of the exact variant, but it looks like whatever's common around here (and where I grew up in Virginia). They're one of my mother's favorite flowers.

Shana said...

That's what I was going to say.

I would call it an iris. I may be wrong, but that's what I'd call it.

Graydon said...

I believe the irises have it. :)


Mishalak said...

It looks to be a variety of bearded Iris called "Nancy Kay", at least to me. But I could be wrong.

Graydon said...

Thanks, Mishalak.

You are certainly rather less likely to be wrong about that than I am.