06 May 2009

To see again the northland spring

When iris bokeh becomes pointillism. :)
I didn't do a good job of these; there's a portion of the central flower that's one big blown highlight in all three trilliums.
On the other hand, this was uphill, from a low height, on a funny angle; partially to avoid going off the path (and into the vehemently signed risk area for poison ivy) and partially because there really wasn't any way to get actually closer without having destructive interactions with the foliage, which would be wrong.
Probably because I haven't been looking in the right places, I haven't seen any trilliums in the last couple of years. I remember them as a kid carpeting the understory in various bits of woods in the corners of fence lines, and I have to admit there's a whole lot less of that in Toronto than there is in rural Lanark. Still, I find them a very cheering flower.

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