06 April 2009

Actual focus

Same Rokinon mirror lens; it can focus properly, it's just a bit of a trick. (Focal plane like a microtome and the whole barrel rotates, so one must, without a tripod, hold it by the focus adjustment.)
It's possible I am slowly getting better at this.


pir-anha said...

that's an 800mm hand-held?

freaking awesome, if so.

Graydon said...

Thank you!

I think the lens just likes ducks.

There is a substantial difference between the 0.8 kg cadioptric 800mm and the 8.0 kg refractor 800mm, and fortunately for me this was the former.

Really have to get down to the waterfront with it sometime soon. Lots of the long tails have probably already headed for parts north.