21 December 2008

Returns the sun

Not that I'm going to particularly notice for a week or six, but with the arbitrary point in the orbital mechanics now past, it seems like I ought to remark on it if I'm going to mark it at all.

I'm warm, fed, and housed, and have some prospect of that staying true for awhile. That hasn't always been true, especially during this time of year, and the memory sticks. Having it be true is reassuring.

I'm not in constant pain; quitting my job at AMD and de-tensioning (I hesitate to say "relaxing" just yet) got rid of the neck and shoulder lockup, and the wear arthritis in my neck is very likely reversible. The "no constant pain" part has done wonders for my mood and outlook.

Sometime this year, when I wasn't paying attention, my heart got unbroken. I suppose the "not paying attention" part to be required.

That's doing pretty well, even without considering friends and taking better photographs and the disturbing insight that my brain might be wired for functional programming languages rather better than procedural. Oh, and Aoife letting me sleep in; I don't know what brought that on, but I'm grateful.

So a pretty good year, all in all.

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