12 October 2008

It isn't really image 10,000

It's image 9999 by the counter, but the image counter wasn't at 0 when I got the camera. The earliest surviving image I have is 227, from March 11, 2008. (There were a few from before that that succumbed to learning experiences.) Since I'm up to 0212 again, I'm pretty confident I have in fact taken 10,000 images with this K20D, and that seems like a large number. (Over 21 months, I took about 2,000 pictures with the A200; over a different 21 months, about 2,600 with the LX2.)

Still, as a "hey, cool, the image counter rolled over" event goes, it's not too bad.
Scaled whole image.
100% crop of the dragonfly with shadow.
It's not a bad advertisement for the Pentax 35mm Ltd. Macro lens, either. (1/250, F7.1, 35mm/52mm equiv.)

There are some better dragonflies than this one, or, rather, better pictures of this dragon fly than this one. I shall be trying to pick the best one and posting that sometime, too.

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