08 October 2016

I don't update enough

How did it get to be October?

Commonweal #4 has a draft.  Commonweal #5 is making modest progress.  The first half of The Human Dress (which people of a certain Usenet vintage will recall being mentioned as the Doorstop) is back from the copy-editor.  (The copy editor has been restrained in their imprecations.)

Google Sheets has started putting in spurious @table:number-columns-repeated attributes when exporting to ODS.  This made my week much more entertaining than it might otherwise have been.

I keep seeing a peregrine at the Victoria Park subway station.  The pigeons are consistently distraught.

07 May 2016

A little early this year

The good thing -- no leaves to get in the way.  The bad thing -- few birds.  Did get to see some tremendously shiny white-crowned and white-throated sparrows and a plethora of ducks, but nothing much in the way of shorebirds at Hillman.  (Those came through the next day, as may be required by law.)

Still, glad to have gone; sociability has its benefits.
Three horned grebes from the tip of Point Pelee
Grebes, with their ancientry, mad eyes, mutual sexual selection, and propellor feet are one of my favourite bird groups.  There were a bunch very close to the tip, so there are not-horrible photos from my little pocket camera, too.  I don't know what they were feeding on but they were diving for it a lot.

tiny purple wild flowers from Point Pelee
No idea what these are or if it's an actual wildflower rather than a garden escapee from Pelee's thickly settled past.  But there were a lot of them and they're pretty.

04 April 2016

Another instance of committing book -- UPDATED

Cover art for Safely You Deliver, Commweal series book number three.
Cover art for Safely You Deliver, Commonweal #3

Egalitarian heroic fantasy.  Family, social awkwardness, and a unicorn.

Available via Google Play Books. (Google Play Books suffering mitigation for ePub downloads.) 

Also available via: 
iTunes  (hooray for trying again)


and the passel of EU booksellers that Draft2Digital lumps under "Tolino".

I would ask that everybody please avoid spoilers in the comments.  If you want to talk about the Commonweal in a spoilery way, there's a Google Plus community.

10 March 2016

The release date isn't today.

The release date is 2016-04-04.

By then I will, in some technical sense involving the number three and the cardinality of books, have committed trilogy. Though I should like to note firmly that there's no structural sense of trilogy involved; it's a series, and it's proceeding onward.  (Presuming I do so, in any case.)
Commonweal novel covers
The poor anti-panda never quite showed on the cover for _A Succession of Bad Days_.  Which is a pity, because it was (I thought) suitably creepy.

(Sample chapters?  Well, the first few chapters are very short, and I think it would be unkind.  It's also the sort of thing that can rather throw the pacing of a book off, at least in my experience.)

08 February 2016

Since there may have been some confusion...

This is the best place to follow for notice of future releases of my books, Commonweal or otherwise.

I'm presently writing #4, provisionally "Under One Banner", and intermittently posting about the progress of writing it.  It's late, because it should have been done before #3, "Safely You Deliver", went to the copy-editor.

"Safely You Deliver" is expected to escape into the wild in April sometime.  (Yes, that would be April of 2016.)  This would maintain the vaguely-annual schedule I've been aiming for.

May no ill thing arise.

31 January 2016

Plausible simulacrum of progress

Word count screenshot for 2016-01-31
13,418 is pretty poor for January.   Less than half the goal rate.  Though this is all of Eugenia's narrative thread, and now I get to go write Blossom's, which could theoretically be easier.  I've had longer to get to know Blossom.

On the plus side, _Safely You Deliver_'s first-stage copy edit came back and got turned around.  The cover designer has been activated, quotation permission has been obtained, and it's feeling disturbingly real.