14 August 2020

Consider some strategic focus

The point to take from the current dismantling of the USPS is not that mail-in votes will be suppressed; the point to take is that the GOP incumbents will not permit an election result which causes them to lose power. 

That's the problem; it's not a question of logistically enabling people to cast votes, it's that one side has already decided the result.

This is a situation in which the status quo has already perished.


mike shupp said...

On the bright side of things, middle of the road Democrats won't be especially perturbed by accounts of the post office "losing" millions of ballots -- there are always accounts of lost mail ballots after elections, which never lead to anything. Nor will middle of the road Republicans and most conservative Republicans -- from their viewpoint the election will have gone as they expected and background shenanigans will hardly be apparent. 98% of the electorate will be perfectly happy with a rigged election because "people got to vote and that's what matters."

Maybe. fifty years downstream, we'll still be holding fair and honest elections because that happy ignorant sentiment continues to guide our behavior. Maybe. Maybe.

Harold Henderson said...

Point well made. I'd love to consider some strategic focus, but what could it be? (He asked, really wanting to know.)

We're used to living in this house; it's survived a lot; but the GOP wrecking crew is harvesting the rot of at least forty years of treason. The roof is all but gone, the siding is being ripped off, the cross-braces set on fire, while the inhabitants of the basement watch talking heads discuss which baseball players have covid 19. Moving is not a strategy. Per a recent Atlantic article, a US passport will not get you much of anywhere if you were to try. Rereading Martin Niemoller or Lincoln's second inaugural doesn't seem to help.

Graydon said...

@Harold Henderson

Collective action not in protest but with the intent of victory.

I've posted about that just now, and you're surely have different answers than I do, but there it is.