03 June 2020

Assymetric communication

So you want some sort of uniform justice.

You observe that the great and good, faced with what is certainly an increasing risk of human extinction -- there's this chance climate change is going to kill us all, and however large that risk is it's certainly not getting smaller -- and being at least supplied with people who can do insurance calculations, aren't trying to reduce the risk.  They're trying to increase it.

You observe that the great and good, faced with a pandemic, want to ignore it.  Any number of deaths is preferable to any degree of economic reorganization, even when "any number of deaths" is certainly not the minimum economic damage scenario.

Better approximating some sort of uniform justice is not a won't scenario, it's a cannot scenario.  The system we have cannot do that.

That cannot makes the minimum necessary change to get somewhere where that extinction risk is decreasing and the agency of individuals is valued a sustained general insurrection.

The folks presently engaged in protest don't think that's what they're saying; they think they're demanding that the system be permitted to work without specific distortions, and that the consequences of past distortions be corrected.

The established power structure they're talking to?  It's hearing "sustained general insurrection", and it's going to react like it.

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