06 February 2020

Rugged individualism

So there are various news reports to the effect that US Republican senators will acknowledge, do acknowledge, in private that Trump certainly was guilty, but they voted to acquit out of fear.

That's what forty years of rugged individualist rhetoric does; it makes you incapable of believing in collective action.  As an individual, sure, you're too weak.  Collectively, you win, but you have to believe in the collectively.

If you get stuck in an ideology with no collectively, you're helpless.   That's what that ideology is for.

Try to keep this in mind.


Peter T said...

In this case, as some commenters have noted, they effectively surrendered their collective - and therefore their individual - power. While the Republicans hold it, the senate is captive to the presidency as much as the Roman senate was captive to the emperor.

Jota Eme said...

It's too high minded to think Republicans are cowards.