01 January 2025

Where to get my books

Update 2021-12-23: Is there a next book planned?

Hope is not a plan; I hope there will be a next book, but between the Everything and my day job, I am not able to plan.  The manuscript is getting longer (if not very fast) and that's about all I know right now.

Where to get my books

There are two options; Google Play, or the Draft2Digital publication targets. Google Play isn't available globally (though they intend to be, based on how the publisher interface sets up billing regions!). So you might need to try one of the Draft2Digital targets. Kobo seems to be a good fallback choice for availability though not for avoiding DRM. Apple is a Draft2Digital target if you're in the Apple ecosystem.

Title Google Books2Read
The Human Dress on Google Play via Books2Read
The March North (Commonweal #1) on Google Play via Books2Read
A Succession of Bad Days (Commonweal #2) on Google Play via Books2Read
Safely You Deliver (Commonweal #3)                  on Google Play via Books2Read
Under One Banner (Commonweal #4) on Google Play via Books2Read
A Mist of Grit and Splinters (Commonweal #5) on Google Play via Books2Read

My current best understanding of how to download the EPUB file from Google Play.

Update 2019-01-29:  Amazon changed their agreement with Draft2Digital to require a whole lot of information transfer to Amazon.  I have removed The Human Dress from sale at Amazon. Still up everywhere else it was available.  (And has been added to a bunch of library services.)


CB said...

Hello Graydon,

Before you released your last book, which I liked and have positively reviewed.

You were talking about the next Commonweal Book being under way.
How is it going and when can we expect it to be published?

Graydon said...


The next Commonweal book is going, but not very fast. (My day job does keep me fed. It also uses up a lot of neurons at the moment.)

I'm hoping to have it out sometime in 2019, but can't presently be more specific than that.

Chris Hutchinson said...

Excellent news about book five. I have been hoping that more books would be coming in your commonweal series.

Sophie said...

I found your books late last year and read all four of the Commonweal series. It is the best reading I had in many years. I am very much looking forward to your next book.

Graydon said...


Thank you! Glad you enjoyed them.

(Still hoping to get book five out sometime this year, still unable to be specific.) (Probably not until the later part of the year.)

Anonymous said...

I just finished a reread of the Commonweal. I liked it as much this time through as I did the earlier ones.

Looking forward to reading the next, when it comes.


Graydon said...

+JReynolds Always glad to hear when re-reading remains rewarding!

(The next is plodding along.)

Sophie said...

Dear author, I have re-read the Commonweal series 9 times now, which is a personal record for re-reading books. I love them all. "The human dress" I enjoyed, as I enjoy your beautiful language and complex threading of the story, but Commonweal series is the best. I also enjoy reading the series on a device that allows to look up or google the words, as your vocabulary and mastery of grammar greatly exceeds mine. It does appear that you know a lot of the Old English - is that something you studied in the past?

Also, would it be ok if I ask you about some things that I don't understand in the books? My questions may come across as nitpicking on the books, so if you rather not be exposed to that, I completely understand.

Graydon said...


I am fond of Old English, but would not claim to have either studied it or to know any.

I am most glad you like the Commonweal that much!

Asking questions is welcome, but please do so on the Google Group (https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/the-commonweal) rather than here.

(Any questions and answers here get indexed for search and anybody might stumble on them, and sometimes the answers will be spoilers, which I don't think is fair.)

The Google Group is members-only so you have to ask to join and a moderator has to notice the message about a join request and add you (a manual step!) so it can take a few hours. You'd be entirely welcome.

Sophie said...

Apologies for a technical support type comment, but I am experiencing an error when searching for the group, described in here:


The group is also not visible in the search. Would it be possible for you to ask a moderator to change any settings of this group, as described in the workaround in the link? Many thanks from me and my burning curiosity :-)

Graydon said...

+Sophie -- well that's rather rude of the infrastructure! I have changed a setting.


might be a better address choice.

Antongarou said...

Hi Graydon, really enjoyed your books to date. Now to the obvious question - do you have a date for #5 yet?

Graydon said...


Thank you! Glad you enjoyed them!

Book Five, A Mist of Grit and Splinters, is scheduled for "this year" (2019 CE); it's complete in manuscript, there's a cover, and the manuscript is with the editor. Because the editor is subject to exigency from diverse sources, no specific date is contemplated. I suspect it'll be December.

Bill Dugan said...

Read 1-4 more than once. Looking forward to #5.

Any chance they'll make that available for pre-order?

Graydon said...

+Bill Dugan
A Mist of Grit and Splinters is somewhere around the middle of the copy-edit process at present.

I intend to make it available for pre-order, but not a very deep pre-order; using the pre-order as a way to make it available at roughly the same time across all the platforms.

This is not especially rational of me but whether the copy-editor just is a chaos magnet or whether having a Commonweal book to work on makes it much worse, I get twitchy promising release dates until the text of the book is final.

Unknown said...

Hey, um, not to make this sound too much like some random ao3 comment but I am completely smitten by your Commonweal Series and would love to read them all the time without ever stopping, which, obviously isn't possible for pesky physical reasons. But if there were any chance for an audiobook the percentage of my life that I could wrap myself in like into a survival blanket would markedly increase! ..but I guess that is far too far a shot and unrealistic because the can of worms it would open is just far, far too wide?
in any case, all the best and thank you so very much for writing those books as you did, and for still doing it too =)

Graydon said...


I am delighted you like them!

The difficulty with audio books is cost. The thumb rule is that you get about 150 words per minute in an audio book; that means the five written Commonweal novels would come to about 65 hours of audio books. Union rate for a finished hour of audiobook for a complete novice reader is 140 USD; that'd be 9.1 kUSD, plus other recording costs, for something that wouldn't be especially well done. Someone likely to do a skillful job of the admittedly difficult text would be around 500 USD per finished hour. That cost puts "get audiobooks made" firmly into the "if I win the lottery" category.

Sergey Rybasov said...

Great thanx for the Commonweal series. (Can't agree with some of your ideas, still re-reading series again and can't remember exactly wich time now.)

Graydon said...

+Sergey Rybasov

You're most welcome!

No reasonable author would ever expect the reader to agree with all the ideas in a book! If you're moved to re-read, well, that's a success from this corner.

heron61 said...

I just wanted to let you know that I'm very eagerly awaiting your next Commonweal book, and hope there are many more after that.

LafinJack said...

Hello! In another post you offered to trade mobi versions of your books for an email address. Does this imply you take Paypal? :)

Graydon said...

I do not take (and do not have) PayPal. (Both credit unions get out the theotoxic salt when someone mentions PayPal.)

The tax implications of selling ebooks internationally on my own are unfortunately not to be contemplated, and while I might send someone I know a mobi version over email, I am not going to take this up as a general practice.

Which feels a bit like telling you "if you want this in mobi format, you have to find a way to make Amazon humane", which isn't at all fair, but here we are in the late capitalism.

Dan said...

I'm re-reading A Succession of Bad Days, and when Ongen and Glyph talk about the second Shape of the Peace they say that all the names of the Independents who moved to the second Commonweal had their names cast into the outer dark. Why didn't Mulch take that opportunity to flee? No problem if this is just an authorial oversight, just curious if there was a reason you're interested in sharing.

Graydon said...

That's the sort of question I very much prefer to answer over on the Google Group, since otherwise various spoiler answers wind up searchable in blog comments.

Dan said...

Forgot about the Google group! I'll re-post over there. You're welcome to edit/delete my comment above if you want to clear out even the mild spoiler from my question.

Anonymous said...

Any chance we'd ever see print versions - print on demand or something?

Graydon said...

If there should be print versions, they would not happen before I got the series completed (which is expected to be three books from now) and felt able to tackle the logistics.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing this series! I raced through them all and enjoyed them a lot :)

The various google group links don't work for me (I get a page that says "Content Unavailable"). Is the group still about? How can I join it?

Graydon said...


So glad you enjoyed them!

The Google Group had grown large enough that it was leaking into the wider web and I shut it down in consequence.

I feel a bit squidgy about editing the comment but probably ought to do so.


Graydon said...


And it turns out one can no longer edit even one's own comments, so:

The Google Group doesn't exist any more.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting me know!