15 February 2018

Writing update

I have a cover for The Human Dress.  I have about 4,000 changes left to review.

I have a cover for Under One Banner.  The dedicant liked it.  The copy-editor has it, and has been afflicted with mischief since they got it to such an extent that I could wish to send Halt to visit until said editor's surroundings and circumstances commenced to be better behaved.

The building I live in has been sold to a developer; I'll be moving sometime March.  I have a place to go to, but it's sufficiently far away that the logistics present challenges.  (One may not transport cats in rental cars, for example.)  Work is being good about this.  (It does not harm that I'm headed in a direction convenient to work's future plans.)  This does nothing good for the book schedule, not least in terms of predictability.

So -- not dead.  Still working on books.  But packing has to come first.


Richard Campbell said...

"One may not transport cats in rental cars"

I'm pretty sure I have transported cats in rental cars. The key is a cat carrier.

Graydon said...

+Richard Campbell Hereabouts, the rental contracts all say "no pets", and then spend a paragraph explaining that this statement has no ameliorating circumstances whatsoever. (The cat carrier will work on the train, though.)