23 April 2017

It's been awhile

If it's been long enough that I've been asked if I still have a cat, I should probably post a picture.
Sleepy black cat in cat-loaf pose facing the camera
Eef would like to not fall asleep just yet, or the sound of typing prevents falling asleep, or something inscrutably feline.  The current sheet of random-jotting paper is safely out of my possession, though.  (It's worth a surprising number of feline victory points, or at least that's apparently what I'm supposed to think.)


CB said...


Would your typing be Commonwealth related?
Can we expect a further publication soon?

Graydon said...


Some of the typing is Commonweal-related; some of it's job searching just at the moment.

Next Commonweal book is spring of 2018. There should be a non-Commonweal book sometime this year but it's something of a brick and various bits of reality have already intruded so I'm not trying to put definitive dates on it anymore.

Mark Z said...

The sheet of paper thing is apparently a box substitute. https://theconversation.com/why-cant-cats-resist-thinking-inside-the-box-76287. You are supplying suitable boxes aren't you? :-)

Graydon said...

+Mark Z

One or two, yes. :)

(At multiple levels, in multiple materials -- all the bottom shelves and the fabric cat beds count for enclosed! -- and apparently used in rotation, so I'm probably not falling down on the "comfy places" side of the food-ape job too badly.)

Anonymous said...

My wife has pointed out that young girls have the same impulse, if you substitute any fabric -- a blanket, a jacket -- for the paper.